The Ultimate Guide: Replacement Pool Filter Cartridges

Are you in search of the ultimate replacement cartridge filter guide?

If your pump is the heart of the pool system, then your filter is the kidney. Without proper filtration, your pool will become dirty. Although cartridge filters don’t have a lot of internal parts, they still prove to be troublesome for some pool owners. In order to keep your pool healthy, your filter needs to be intact, free from blockage and properly maintained.

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for pool cartridge filter maintenance, you found it! In this blog article, we discuss the differences between the original OEM cartridge versus a generic brand. We also discuss filter material, the purpose of the cartridge bands, and list other cartridge-related blog posts and videos.  (more…)

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HELP! My Swimming Pool Is Overflowing

HELP! My swimming pool is overflowing. 

Have you ever uttered these words? Do you have a fear of your swimming pool overflowing after a heavy rain? Do you have an emergency draining plan in place, just in case? We know that the last couple of months have been pretty brutal for the majority of the country. The weather tested our faith in humanity, our faith in our electric companies, and it tested many homeowners with swimming pools.

Just in case of an emergency, your family should always have plans for your swimming pool. Trust us, you don’t want to wait until the water reaches the deck before you jump into action. At that point, it may be too late.

We all have many things to be concerned about during a storm. Flooding shouldn’t be one of them.  Let’s explore ways you can prevent your pool from flooding during a heavy rainstorm. 


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