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Century’s New V-Green Pool and Spa Motors: Part I

It is customary for manufacturers to come out with new, improved products every few years. Sure, there are some hero products that may stay the same, but overall, companies are always trying to improve their products for their customers. That rings true for Century Motors as well.

So, let’s clear something up right away. Century is formerly known as A.O Smith. Therefore, many of your current motors may say A.O Smith but will receive a Century once it is time to replace it. They are one and the same.

Century Motors is recognized as the leading provider of electric motors to the pool industry. The V-Green variable speed line joins the ECM line in Century’s growing family of premium efficient motors. Energy conscious pool owners, or those who just love saving money, now have an affordable and reliable pump motor option with desirable programming flexibility.

Currently, Century has two models in the V-Green line: V-Green 165 and V Green 270. Let’s explore the key features and benefits in hopes to help figure out which model is best suited for your pool.

V-Green 165


Century ECM16CU-3Century’s V-Green 165 Variable Speed Motor delivers such efficient performance that, it allows pool owners to save over 80% in efficiency over using a standard single speed motor. The V-Green 165 was constructed with TEFC construction, which makes it the most durable motor yet.

How Is It so Efficient?

The V-Green 165 premium-efficient replacement offers impressive savings. Most pool owners will take our word for it, but here’s how.

  • Integrated user interface allows for easier installation and operation
  • All-in-1 design reduces installation time
  • No additional wiring required
  • Because the amount of power required to move water through the pipes drops faster than the speed, it only uses 1/8th HP to move half the amount of water through the same pipes on low speed


Programming Flexibility Century ECM16CU-2

If you’re looking for a motor that you can program to run on low speed for 6 hours and high speed for 2 hours without having to install additional timers and trippers- then the V-Green 165 is the sure way to go. The V-Green 165 offers 3 variable speed options. It gives pool owners the ability and flexibility to set appropriate speeds to minimize energy consumption. Of course there are variables that affect your overall costs such as water features, pool size, and overall chemical maintenance. Still, the programming flexibility should allow pool owners to identify and adjust speeds and durations accordingly to maximize energy savings.

Replacement Versatility

Do you have a square flanged motor? Don’t worry. Or, maybe you have a round flange? Century has you covered as well. The V-Green 165 is available in both a square flange and C-face configurations and can be used for pool and spa applications. It ranges in horsepower from 1/2 to 1.65 total horsepower.

Replacing your single speed motor with a V-Green is a simple task due to the V-Green motor’s integrated user interface. It has no additional wiring like most variable speed motors so regardless of your pump manufacturer, you should not run into any installation hiccups.

Additional Premium Features and Benefits

  • UV and rain-proof enclosure
  • Freeze Protection (Automatic at 39F, if motor is ON)
  • Reduced noise emissions
  • Manual override (no need to adjust programmed sittings)
  • 303 Stainless Shaft Seal
  • Keypad lockout
  • Integrated User Interface

The V-Green 165 motor comes in two different models: ECM16CU and ECM16SQU . Both have the same total horse power, RPMs, volts, and max amps. The only difference between the two is the shape of the flange. Please double- check your frame size or shape before making a purchase. Or, if you need some help, give us a call at 877-372-6038.

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