Cost To Maintain Your Swimming Pool

5 thoughts on “Cost To Maintain Your Swimming Pool

  1. I don’t think I spend anywhere near those costs I do all of my own maintenance and chemicals With a salt generator the up front is high but the monthly is low I also try to get things cheaper (pumps hoses ect from eBay)
    But do buy all my specialty parts from Inyopools hard to find parts and good service
    Thanks guys
    Wes Carl

    1. Wes,
      Thanks for reading and responding to our blog post. We’re definitely glad that you do not spend as much money on your pool maintenance. Please let us know if you need help locating any parts in the future.

  2. I’ve worked in the pool industry for over a decade, and I have a hard time comprehending the breakdown of your costs, and not very specific on the type of sanitizer utilized (chlorine tablets or salt) in your report. Also, what is SWG? and a Muriatic acid gallon is used twice a year or every 6 to 8 weeks? I have more questions than answers…

    1. I have a hard time believing you worked in the pool industry for over a decade if you don’t know what a SWG is. That is a Salt Water (chlorine) Generator. If liquid chlorine is used, pH will drift upwards. If tabs are used, it will remain stable and possibly go lower of there is a lack of alkalinity.

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