how to replace a multiport valve diverter assembly

Poolside Chat Episode #23: Broken Multiport Diverter

4 thoughts on “Poolside Chat Episode #23: Broken Multiport Diverter

  1. I just love this chat lone up its INYO pools! Thank you for being there for all us new and old pool owners! Great advise.

  2. Husband took upper 6 way valve from bottom part. He is not sure where handle was when he took it apart . Now filter has extreme pressure. How do we know if multiport is reassemble correctly? And why do we have extreme pressure?

    1. The open hole wedge in the diverter should always be opposite the handle. You can see in the picture below, the notch on the handle that selects the setting should always pointing at the empty wedge. So open your valve and confirm its installed correctly.

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