“What kind of sand should I use in my sand filter?”

Poolside Chat Episode #32: Which Filter Sand Should I Use?

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  1. How often should you change thr sand?
    I have what the pool people say alge in my above pool. When I vacuum to waste & backwash, In about in a hour it is back, not as much, still there in a grayish color.
    Yesterday I vacuumed again, but I vacuumed with the sand filter in the filter mode.I then moved to rinse and I saw gray globs going out. This morning there was no sign of it.I did not backwash fearing that would come back in the pool. What would you do to solve this problem?
    Mike in Texas

    1. Mike, The gray globs you are seeing in the filter may be dead algae. After cleaning dead algae you need to Backwash your filter to expel the dirt and grime from your sand; then, you would use Rinse to clean the filter pipes before returning to regular filtering.

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