Poolside Repair: How To Install A Pool Light

Poolside Repair: How To Install A Pool Light

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  1. Thanks for these Pool Side Repairs, guys! I probably can do many of these maintenance items if I knew how to do them in advance. These help out a lot!

  2. This was very helpful. I have seen other videos but none mentioned the epoxy in the nitch or the use of the rubber replacement stopper. Thanks

  3. leave enough cord to bring the light up to the pool deck, for future service. Im sure these guys did that, just didnt see it on the video. Good video though..

  4. Cross-posting….

    We built a pool with our new home (20′ X 45′ in-ground with integrated spa). I only noticed after-the-fact that the pool contractor installed spa-sized lights EVERYWHERE! Because of the this, I find that the brightness for night swimming has a lot to be desired. There are a total of 5 lights in the pool and 1 light in the spa. I think they are all incandescent as well.

    Anyway, I’ve been questioning for the last year whether I should upgrade to LEDs to improve brightness. Will this really make a noticeable difference in a spa-sized bulb that has a limited wattage anyway? My pool plaster is Hydrazzo Maui Midnight (so, not white or light blue) if that makes a difference. I know the paler plaster colors hinder the brightness as well.

    Would love to know if anyone has a similar experience or have retrofitted to improve brightness at night. Before and after pics would be awesome as well.


  5. Hi

    Can you explain more about the ground wire that is in the niche itself? Does that need to be removed as well when installing a new light?

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