Can I Control My LED Pool Light With A Remote?

PSC Ep. 49: Can I Control My LED Light With A Remote?

In today’s episode of Poolside Chat, Rob and Matt tackle another common swimming pool question:

  • Can I Control My LED Light With A Remote?

The question goes as such, I want to upgrade my pool bulb to an LED, is there a remote available to control the LED pool light bulb?

Well, that’s a great question. Pool lights up until now had required three pieces of equipment: the bulb, remote control, and a control box. For just those three parts, you would be paying 500 to 600 dollars or more. Not anymore, now the newPureline Pure Colors LED w/Remote (120V / 12V), all you need is the bulb and this handy dandy remote.

LED Pool Bulb Color Changing 120V 35W W/ Remote Control - PL5819
Pureline Pure Colors LED Pool Light Bulb w/ Remote


That’s right and with this remote, you can control the light up to 300 feet away with a clear line of sight. Also, the buttons can control the On/Off function, change colors, switch from plain solid colors to preprogrammed lights shows, and it can control the speed of those light shows. installation is a breeze as well, all you do is remove the old light, screw in the new one, reinstall the light and you’re done.

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