How do I recalibrate my Hayward Aquarite salt chlorine generator?

PSC Ep. 53: Recalibrating a Hayward Aquarite Salt Chlorine Generator

7 thoughts on “PSC Ep. 53: Recalibrating a Hayward Aquarite Salt Chlorine Generator

  1. I cannot find the “T” on my AQR? I’m totally new at this but replaced the cell and now I’m getting a flashing check salt level and inspect cell. Both of these lights were steady and I turned off the unit and switched it back on.

    1. Check the version software you have. If its 1.4 or below there is no setting. The default is T 15. The other cells below 15 will not work. Did you replace the cell you had with the same cell? The newer versions 1.5 can be adjusted to work with any cell.

    2. What was the number of your old cell? Was it is a Turbo Cell 3, 9, or 15? And what are you replacing it with?

      How old is the salt chlorine generator? Did the previous owners happen to tell you if it was a couple of years old 7-10 years old?

      You may have an old model that is not compatible with smaller cells.

  2. Is calibrating the salt level the same process on Aquatrol and Aquarite? I’m seeing different processes for both?

  3. I have a Aqua Rite Turbo Cell & Control electronics. Before powering off the system and powering it back on the TurboCell Type no longer appears. I can go thru all of the diagnostic settings until it gets to t-xx. It jumps from the software revision to salt level. The t-xx no longer appears as an option. I am not sure if the TurboCell Type is correct. How can I correct this? Is it the circuit board or the TurboCell that needs replacement or repair. The salt level is at 2900 and the two green generating lights are on and no other diagnostics lights are on. If it is the control board, can this be repaired and what do I look for? Your help is appreciated.

  4. I have the Aqua rite with t9 cell, about 6 years old. Determined due to error messages that the circuit board needed to be replaced. Bought the Hayward and installed it following video instruction. I’m in Toronto and the pool was just opened 3 days ago. Everything seemed OK but now the settings show no salt, 0 reading, and the check salt light and inspect cell are on and solid. I knew salt level was good as I had added some – pool store read it at 3400. I then cleaned the cell with acid/water even though it was not dirty at all. Still the lights stayed on. How do I know if it is the cell or the Aquarite?

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