Why is my spa draining when I turn off my pool pump?

PSC Ep. 79: Why is my spa draining when I turn off my pool pump?

7 thoughts on “PSC Ep. 79: Why is my spa draining when I turn off my pool pump?

  1. My Spa drains all the way down at about 2-3 inches a night until it drains to the bottom of the spa and then stops draining with the water in the drain cup only. It’s hard to tell if it is draining back in the pool. Your thoughts please

  2. Hi, my pool was draining all the water except maybe a foot of water, or until it reach the level of the pool water level when I turned off the pump..and yes I changed the check valve flapper… that worked for a couple of days…and yes it was draining back into the pool..what’s happening now is that the spa only drains like 10 inches at the most but what I’m noticing is that my pool is draining more than a few inches every day… if I divert the water from the spa and just have it circulate to the pool then the pool does not lose those inches of water…So I am assuming my pool does not have a leak…my question is if I change the check valve on the spa and the spa only loses a few inches and supposedly the water is supposed to drain back into the pool, I shouldn’t be losing so much water that my pool water level drops below the tiles…where is the water going?

    1. If you have checked all the valve, then it sounds like you have a leak in your spa. A spa shouldn’t lose 10 inches of water; plus, if your pool is affected as well then it definitely sounds like a leak. Because I can’t see your system or its plumbing, you may want to have a professional come out and take a look.

  3. My spa loses perhaps 3 to 5 inches overnight but stays above the jets which is approximately at pool level. The pool tech is confused because if it was a check valve normally it would lose water to a point of equalization with the level of the pool. Any ideas?

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