Salt Chlorine Generators for Above Ground Pools

Salt Chlorine Generators for Above Ground Pools

10 thoughts on “Salt Chlorine Generators for Above Ground Pools

  1. Dan, have you had any experience using ORP in big pools of more than 20 000 sf in order to low the expenses in chemicals?

  2. Have a small 15′ above ground pool for grandkid’s that enjoy it very much. It was freshwater I converted to saltwater. Have an intex saltwater system that has motor, generator and filter all in same system and seems to do fine. Is this sufficient for my pool. Model eco7111.

  3. we have an Intex saltwater system that decided not to work this season. we have already added the salt to the pool.
    If we don’t want to buy a new system, how do we convert it to a conventional pool?

  4. I think the reason many feel salt water pools are more comfortable isn’t the salt, but in fact that you are swimming in a more pure chlorine product produced from electrolysis and minus all the stabilizers and the 90% other ingredients that are found in commercial chlorine products. I have found that some people who have negative reactions or allergy to commercial chlorine do not have adverse reactions in salt water pools. The itching skin, burning eyes, and asthma related irritation is gone.

    1. You may be right about the additives but my guess is placebo. Itching skin, burning eyes, bleached out swim clothing and if asthma is at all related to chlorine, it’s from combined chlorine which can be and certainly often is in salt water pools.

  5. I’ve recently switched over to salt water in my above ground pool, bought the Chlorease Salt Generator, pool looked fabulous for a little over a month. Recently we’ve had 10 days straight of rain and now it’s a swamp green color. What do I do to get it beautiful again? I’ve used the shock for salt poils as well as the water clarifier but neither have made a difference. My salt trains are still in range, I just need some help! Thanks in advance!

    1. I tell all my new pool owners the same thing. “Your pool will turn green once or twice. When it does, take a water sample to a good pool store and have them test the water and let them sell you what you need and follow their advice”. After you’ve spent more money than you needed to, you’ll learn some things. Also, don’t think that salt system is going to solve your problems. It’s an off brand so there’s a good chance the thing’s not even making chlorine anymore. Don’t rely on it and don’t blame it for anything. You’ll have to learn some basic pool chemistry in order to be happy with maintaining your pool.

  6. I have a new Coleman 22×52 above ground pool. I want to go with salt water. I tried the traditional way, & it was too much for me to keep up with. What ALL equipment do I need to start off right?

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