Should I Close My Pool Or Leave It Open For Winter?

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  1. How is granular cloriene better to use than the tablets? If I use granualr how do I adnminster it? On the tabs thats easy I put 3 or 4 tabs in a floater and let it float and check it once in awhile to see if I should add some more tabs!

    obert Hardisty

    1. I’ve generally used granular chlorine only as a quick fix for introducing chlorine into your pool. Granules dissolve quickly into solution and are usually dissolved in a bucket of water before being poured into the pool.

      Tablets are meant more as a gradual and more sustained treatment. It depends on your application to determine which chlorine would be best for you.

  2. people always talk about all this stuff but whats the solution to this. is there any way to minimize use of chlorine in pools I always feel kind of worried.My friends work in pool industry and he often share lots of stuff that they use flow meters to maintain flow rate of water and stuff about usage of chlorine. Is there anyone who knows about icon process controls?? Need to ask on thing.

      1. I have an in the ground pool and I am planning to keep it closed for this coming summer season. What additional chemical products do I need to keep the water clear for next year’s summer season?

  3. Hi!
    I am having an in-ground salt water pool installed and I am not planning on closing the pool annually. With that said, I have researched the to-do and not to-do, but still have a question about the actual salt water system- if the saltwater system does not work(due to cold temps), and i test the water and the pH is off, what chemicals should i be adding, generally?
    For those with(or know a good deal) salt water pools, is it more common that not to actually have the “saltwater system” off the entire winter months and not have pH balance issue?

    1. For the pH, then you had pH increaser or decreaser as necessary. The pH has nothing to do with the salt water generator running.

      Regarding the running of the SWG, in part it depends where you are. As in, how cold does it get where you are? If it stays consistently below 50 degrees, you do not have to do much because algae can’t grow in cold weather. If you are in Ohio, you might as well bring your equipment for the winter to save wear and tear. If you are in Florida or Texas leaving it out there so you can turn it on when the weather reaches operable temperature couldn’t be that bad.

      1. Matthew-
        Thanks for the reply! I live in Nashville and our cold months are from about December – February. We do get gold snaps, however, they don’t typically last very long. I would say the average during these months is apx 30-40 degrees and more sunny than not.
        My concern about the SWG is when temperatures reach a certain low and the generator does not kick on. I guess I am unsure on how long, typically, can a SWG not run before water imbalances begin to take place? If i am understanding your note above, my SWG has no role in maintaining any of the proper water balancing, or just the pH part?
        My idea, considering we don’t get to terribly cold for any extended period, is to add a device to the pump to ensure the pump kicks on when temps fall below freezing to help combat frozen lines of any sort. I will also run the automatic pool cleaner as needed- at a minimum of twice a week to maintain cleanliness. Lastly, monitor water levels(pH etc) weekly? or at what cadence?
        Is there any other “must do’s” that you would like to call out?


      2. We live in a community development where the pool is not heated so in the 5 months when the temperature is down it cant be useful. Can you offer a solution to the Company to heat it. Unfortunately, people that have there own pools don’t care about the majority. Disappointed we moved here too many issues.

  4. *** freezing temperatures(high 20’s/low 30’s) are typically during the overnight hours and low to mid 40’s during the day December-Feb

  5. Hi Ryann, I live in Texas where we generally have very mild winter weather to the point that is not unusual to be at 60 degrees during January and very seldom freezes. With this in mind:
    1. Is it advisable to stop balancing and sanitizing the pool during Texas winter season?
    2.Would it be advisable to dismiss the pool cleaning guy?
    3. What will be the bad consequences to the pool by not adding chemicals?

  6. Where should I leave my water level at in my salt waster I ground pool? Below the strainer? Also do I need to remove the salt cell during winter?

  7. Great info! New pool owner here – we did not close the pool since we are in TX. Saltwater generator is not currently running since water temp is in the mid 50’s. Our chlorine level is low – would it be best to add liquid chlorine at this point to get it back up or just wait until the water warms up enough for the chlorinator to kick back on? I have tried adding chlorine tabs but they aren’t dissolving quickly enough to raise the chlorine level. (we have also had a ton of rain here with has in turned lowered our chlorine levels as well.
    Thanks in Advance!

  8. Hi. My dad has bad health and this year I am not sure what to do about the salt water pool. It was winterized and closed in Sept 2018 . Will it be ok if I do nothing ? Or what needs to be done

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