The Difference Between Pool Clarifier and Flocculant

The Difference Between Pool Clarifier and Flocculant

Cloudy pool water is usually caused by dead algae or mists of particles suspended in your pool water. The job of a coagulant agent, like clarifier or flocculant, is to clump these tiny particles into larger clumps so that they can be collected by your filter or flushed to waste. 

Now, clarifier and flocculant (floc and vac) are two sides of the same coin. Both are types of coagulant agents that accomplish the same task using different routes. The key differences are the time it takes for the reaction to take place and the extra elbow grease needed from you to finish the job. We will discuss the pros and cons and the best times to apply which chemical.  (more…)

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How to pick a salt chlorinator and chlorine feeder for you pool?

How to Select an Inground Pool Sanitizer

Hello and welcome Inyo fans, this is a continuation of Inyo Pool’s equipment selection series. In this chapter, we are focusing pool sanitation and all the different ways it can be accomplished. We’ll be explaining the functionality, sizing, and the advantages of the three basic categories of santizers:

  • Chlorine tablet feeders,
  • Salt Chlorine Generators; and
  • Alternative Sanitizers (e.g. Mineral Cartridges, Ozonators & Ionizers)


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Top Pool Blogs

Best Blogs To Follow If You Are a Pool Owner

Inyo Pool’s company vision is to provide the best user experience to every customer through informational resources and products. One thing we take pride in is the amount of information we provide to our customers. And although we have taken great leaps in getting this information to you, we’re still just touching the surface. As a pool owner, we recommend using as many resources as you can when doing research before your purchase.

One of the best resources we have today is the Internet. The World Wide Web is the easiest resource you have right at your fingertips. Still, you don’t want to use just any site for information because, let’s face it, anyone can design a site and present themselves as a “pool expert”. Trust me, we hear about these “experts” all the time. One of the difficulties in using the Web is finding information that is accurate, relevant, and not outdated.

To help ease your search, we compiled a list of useful websites that have very user-friendly controls and can come in handy for any pool owner.  Please feel free to email us any sites you currently use as well. We like to update our information whenever possible. (more…)

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