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Pool Pump Answer Guide

 I don’t think most of our readers realize that the majority of our content comes directly from you, our audience. In some instances, we have meetings and discuss questions or issues we come across a lot when talking with customers. In other instances, the questions or topics we address comes directly from the customer. At the end of the day, knowledge is power and the more information we are able provide to you, the more power you will have over your pool system.

Most pool owners know and recognize the importance of a working pool pump. Without a pool pump, your water will remain stagnant, your water will go unfiltered, and your water will ultimately be consumed by bacteria. Over the last few years, we’ve tried to address a lot of the larger and smaller issues that may arise with your pump or motor. In addition to blogs, we’ve created special how to guides and videos that walk customers through various installations. We also  added a new weekly program of Poolside Chat that answers questions submitted by customers. All of which are proven to be great resources for pool related topics.

With the many different avenues Inyo Pools offers to customers for  information, sometimes it can be difficult to organize the information you get within a blog and information from a how to guide video. Sometimes you may be looking through our how to guide section for a particular subject but it’s actually covered in our blog. To help from an organizational standpoint, we wanted to create a blog that could serve as a hub for questions specifically related to pumps and motors. Let’s dig a little deeper. (more…)

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What Shaft Seal Do I need?

What Shaft Seal Do I Need?

I have heard this question probably every day for the last  few years and I’ve done the same (sometimes) long winded explanation. The thought of actually putting it into text has always fallen to the wayside during the rush of pool season. Today we are setting our sights on the subject of Shaft Seals and we are not going home until it is mounted nicely on our mantle. We will discuss the definition and function of the shaft seal, the components and the 3 main types of shaft seals. Let’s get started, shall we? (more…)

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Replace Pool Motor or Bearings?

Replace the Motor or the Bearings?

That is a loaded question if I have ever heard one (or read, in this case).  When a motor goes down, the pool’s owner has a hill of decisions to make in a short period. Depending on time of year, he/she may only have a day or two before the pool water begins to turn.

The main question an owner of a newly failed motor asks people like me is, whether they should replace the motor or have it rebuilt.  Both routes have their pros and cons and I’ll walk you through my thoughts and at the end I’ll give you my general verdict on the matter. (more…)

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Loud Pool Pump

Why Is My Pool Pump So Loud?

Trust us when we say, everyone (and their neighbors) hates a loud swimming pool pump. Depending on where you place your pump, the screeching of the bearings can actually become unbearable and possibly cause a rift between you and your neighbors (we’ve seen it before). If your pump is running loud, the first thing you want to do is simply listen to it to determine if the noise is coming from the wet end of the pump or the motor.


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