How Can You Control Your Pump From Your Smartphone?

The number of things you can do with your smartphone today is incredible. To use Apple’s motto, there’s almost an app for everything. If you can control your car, your alarm system, and your finances through your smartphone, why not your pool pump? It’s not inconceivable or surprising that the pool industry is next to capitalize on this. So, how can you control your pump from your smartphone? Better yet, why would you need to have access to your pool pump from your phone?

At first, I scoffed at the idea of yet another useless app on my phone. Come on, you can admit it. We all have fallen victim to irrational app downloading at some point on our smartphone journey. Still, some apps have proven useful and have stood the test of time.

We always like to say that your pool pump is the heart of your entire pool system. Any phone app that allows you to monitor and control your pool pump can be an essential tool in properly maintaining your pool. There are a few ways pool owners can control their pumps from their smartphones. Let’s explore each way and discuss which option is best for your current pool setup.  (more…)

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