How to pick a salt chlorinator and chlorine feeder for you pool?

How to Select an Inground Pool Sanitizer

Hello and welcome Inyo fans, this is a continuation of Inyo Pool’s equipment selection series. In this chapter, we are focusing pool sanitation and all the different ways it can be accomplished. We’ll be explaining the functionality, sizing, and the advantages of the three basic categories of santizers:

  • Chlorine tablet feeders,
  • Salt Chlorine Generators; and
  • Alternative Sanitizers (e.g. Mineral Cartridges, Ozonators & Ionizers)


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Which pool chlorinator to use?

What Type of Pool Chlorinator Should I Use?

​Chlorine – your pool needs it but what’s the best way to get it into the water?  While you can add your sanitizer manually, many pool owners prefer to automate the process and not handle chlorine any more than necessary.  If you fall into that camp, you’re in good company and you have options.  We’ll start with the very basic and end up at the bells and whistles. (more…)

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New Pool Owners Guide

New Pool Owner’s Ultimate Pool Basics Guide

​One thing we would suggest to every new pool owner is to get familiar with pool basics.  This doesn’t mean you have to fix or even maintain your own pool; there are plenty of pros out there who can take care of that for you.  But trust us, ignorance is NOT bliss when it comes to swimming pools.  We field thousands of calls from frustrated pool owners every year and in many cases, just a better understanding of pools and pool equipment would alleviate much of their stress. (more…)

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Worst pool advice ever

The 5 Worst Pool Advice We Have Ever Heard

Let’s face it, with access to the internet, a lot of jobs and skills that were once sought out and paid for have become jobs you can do yourself. With a little advice and a Youtube video, you can almost build anything on your own. Still, not all advice given is created equal nor should be treated equally. Unfortunately, in the pool industry, bad advice can sometimes mean hundreds of dollars out of your pocket and a lot of missed time out of your pool. Throughout the years we have encountered a lot of customers who have taken their share of bad advice. We wanted to share the top 5 with you in hopes you won’t make those same mistakes. Caveat Emptor! (more…)

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