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Is Speck’s Badu EcoMV Variable Speed Pump Right For You?

With variable speed pumps dominating the pool industry on energy efficiency and savings, it is no surprise that manufacturers are improving the quality and the longevity of their variable speed pumps.  Speck Pumps are taking things to the next level with their latest pump, the Badu EcoMV. The Badu EcoMV is Speck’s answer to the popular green revolution happening in variable speed pumps today. Inspired by German engineers, the Badu EcoMV is quiet and efficient, yet powerful enough to operate on a variety of pool sizes. So, what exactly makes the Badu EcoMV different than the other variable speeds being released? Is Speck’s Badu EcoMV variable speed pump for you? Let’s explore.  (more…)

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Why are led pool lights popular?

Why Are LED Lights so Popular?

A Light Emitting Diode, better known as LED, is an old technology quickly becoming the standard in pool lighting. Discovered in the 1920s, LEDs were usually confined to small circuit indicator lights like you would find on a remote control or kids’ toys. Their efficient power usage was ideal for small devices that had limited battery power. They were limited to that role because initial LED technology proved too weak for area lighting. The popularity and technology development of LEDs have taken leaps and bounds in the last few years due to the government enforced phasing out of the standard incandescent light bulbs. (more…)

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