What does my pool diverter valve control?

What Does My Valve Control?

Good question; strike that, great question!  This topic is brought up quite often by puzzled pool owners presented with a rat’s nest of pipes, elbows, valves and pumps. The state of some pool plumbing systems makes you wonder if they charged by the hour or by the pipe. The maze of PVC and excessive valves causes an issue when attempting to find the source or outlet of water flow.

Another common reason we have trouble identifying a pool diverter valve’s function is the label may have bleached out or fallen off. These are natural occurrences that we normally do not think about until we are squinting to read faded print on a baked label. But we are here today to let you know a little trick on identifying the function of your valve in both of these cases. (more…)

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V-Thread, Buttress, and Clamp Style Valve

What Is a V-Thread, Buttress, or Clamp Valve?

Without checking, what thread type is on your sand filter valve? Not a clue? Do not worry, you are not the only one.

The connecting joint of a multiport valve is an afterthought to most pool owners; likely there are more pressing matters, water chemistry, air leaks and the like. The only time we notice the thread type is the third time we try screwing on a new replacement valve. That is exactly when we see that the thread on the tank is a buttress but valve is a V-thread. That is $80 for the valve down the drain. not literally of course, because the drain is not working as a result of your filter is being out of commission. And that is where we come in.

The trickiest part is that only some filter tanks can use all three of these forms.  It depends on certain factors i.e. model, year, or specific type. For example the Pentair Tagelus uses all three. (more…)

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What is a spider gasket?

What Is a Spider Gasket?

Besides having the coolest name in the world of gaskets, this spoked piece of rubber helps our water move where we want, when we want it. The spider gasket is the main diverter seal within your pool’s multiport valve. For homeowners with diatomaceous earth (D.E.) or sand filters, we know the multiport valve as “that thing with the handle”. When we turn the handle on the valve we select Filter, Backwash, or Rinse, and the spider valve is the part making sure water does not lose its way to your desired destination.   (more…)

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Leaking Pool Filter Valve

Why Is My Multiport Valve Leaking?

Multiport valves are the main water route interchange for your pool water. If the water needs to be forwarded, reversed or drained out, it will need to be done through this valve. The routing system inside a multiport valve is essentially water’s equivalent to chutes and ladders.

These valves have as many as seven “positions” but for the most part the average pool owner will only use a handful of these.  Here is a list and explanation of the most often used positions so we have a solid footing moving forward:  (more…)

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