maintaining an above ground pool

Maintaining an Above Ground Pool

OK, so you bought an above ground swimming pool. You have decided what size and where to put it and either paid some somewhat sketchy guys to come install it or worse, you and your spouse did it yourselves. Now it’s in your yard full of water and looking good. So what now?

Just like everything you have in your life that’s an extra, swimming pools need this annoying thing called “maintenance”. This means you can’t just enjoy it while it is nice and clean and clear. You’ll also have to pay the price of keeping it that way and that price includes a weekly dose of chemicals, cleaning, and a daily dose of electricity. I could write a really big book on how to take care of a swimming pool, but this is just a blog post so I’ll try to keep it short. (more…)

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Main Drains in Above Ground Pools

Main Drains in Above Ground Pools

Fortunately for all of us, above ground swimming pools now mostly come with decent equipment at least. What I mean by “equipment” is a pump and filter. Many years back, above grounds only came with really crappy canister sand filters and undersized pumps.  They came with them to keep the cost down and who cared anyway. It was just an above ground pool. What do you expect?

Now, just about all the middle-of-the-road and higher end above grounds will have more than big enough pumps and filters and they are built to last many years. This is great, but there’s something that hasn’t changed with above ground pools and that is the skimmer and return openings in the wall. These openings are where the pump and filter hook up to the pool and they are both located high up and right next to each other. (more…)

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How Can I Match My Safety Cover’s Strap Placement?

Owners can normally see the signs when their safety cover needs to be replaced. Signs like tears in the fabric, straps that have frayed or general brittleness due to age will make installing the cover for another off-season impossible. But the specter of buying a new safety cover comes with the fear of, “What about these existing anchor holes?” When you are installing a safety cover, you must secure brass anchors on your deck every 3 – 5 feet around the perimeter of the pool. This could leave up to 40 holes in your pool deck and if you replace it with a new cover, that deck anchor count just doubled.


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How to rid your pool of pests

How to Rid Your Pool of Pests

Most of the pool owners I’ve met are certified animal lovers. Their pool recreation time would not be the same without their furry friend by their side. But that love does not extend to the creepy crawlies or varmints that live in your backyard. Among these critters I count mosquitos, water bugs, frogs, raccoons  and birds. In this blog we will identify ways to contain and snuff out pest issues common among pool owners. (more…)

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How to find a great pool guy

How to Find a Great Pool Guy

When you hear the question, “do you know a good pool guy(or gal)?”, what is the first thing that comes to mind? You may imagine some gruff but chipper guy named Stan with sun beaten skin and chlorine stained jeans trying to make some cash for the evening festivities. He may not be too careful but he does a good enough job for a low price that you don’t want to make waves. Pun intended. The reason you use that guy is because you trust him; he seems simple and trustworthy.

And that is all we want from any technician or service rep that comes to our house, an honest, hard working person that will give us the straight scoop on what’s wrong with our pool.  Sadly, finding a good pool tech is just as difficult as finding a trustworthy mechanic.  We know how hard it can be so here are a couple of tips to use while doing research to find a good pool man. (more…)

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