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Pool Pump Motor Answer Guide

In a earlier blog, we  compiled a feed of previous blogs that all dealt with pool pumps. Our idea was to create a one stop shop for pool pump questions. This would eliminate the need for customers to browse through our blogs, how to guides, and poolside chat videos for general answers to one specific topic. As a result, we have decided to do the same with pool pump motors.

The motor is the only electrical component on your pump and therefore is the part that is replaced (and neglected) the most. For this reason, we receive many questions and concerns about pump motors, how they operate, and how to diagnose the issue. In this blog you will find answers to questions ranging from the most popular to the most obscure. In fact, we recommend you save this blog as a favorite because we can guarantee you will have to replace your motor at some point. Let’s explore.  (more…)

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Century’s New V-Green Pool and Spa Motors: Part I

It is customary for manufacturers to come out with new, improved products every few years. Sure, there are some hero products that may stay the same, but overall, companies are always trying to improve their products for their customers. That rings true for Century Motors as well.

So, let’s clear something up right away. Century is formerly known as A.O Smith. Therefore, many of your current motors may say A.O Smith but will receive a Century once it is time to replace it. They are one and the same.

Century Motors is recognized as the leading provider of electric motors to the pool industry. The V-Green variable speed line joins the ECM line in Century’s growing family of premium efficient motors. Energy conscious pool owners, or those who just love saving money, now have an affordable and reliable pump motor option with desirable programming flexibility.

Currently, Century has two models in the V-Green line: V-Green 165 and V Green 270. Let’s explore the key features and benefits in hopes to help figure out which model is best suited for your pool.


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7 Biggest Mistakes When Replacing a Pool Motor

I talk to thousands of customers each year about replacing their pool pump motors and the vast majority of our customers install the motors themselves without a hitch. However, occasionally we do encounter mistakes which are made when replacing your motor. So I decided to poll my fellow co-workers, manufacturers and vendors to come up with a list of the seven most common mistakes when replacing a pool motor. The results are in… Drum roll please… (more…)

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