How to read a pool pump motor label

How to Read Pump Motor Labels

To a layperson (and some pool techs) reading a motor label is a sketchy task. As we scour the fading label that contains a jumble of numbers and abbreviations, our brows will furrow in confusion. If this is you, it is ok because you are in the majority rather than the minority. Most with general knowledge can understand horsepower (HP), amps and volts but the rest will look completely foreign.

I would estimate that about half the ratings on the motor are useless (kind of) to the average homeowner. Ratings like Code, Ambient Temp (AMB), Insulation and a few others are chaffe that can distract you from the points on the label that are a necessity in finding a motor replacement. And that brings us to our blog today; we are here to educate you and anyone else who will listen (or read) about the pertinent info on your motor label. With this pertinent info we can know what motor you own and how to find a replacement, if ever that need arises. (more…)

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Is a 1.0HP Motor the Same as a 1.5HP Motor?

Are All Motors Created Equal?

If you are one of the lucky ones who can still read your motor label, you’re already one step ahead of the game. Searching for your replacement pool motor can seem rather daunting at first. Take your model number, type it into the search field on our site, and VOILA your motor pops up. However, after clicking on the motor you notice one major difference – the horsepower. You are absolutely certain the motor in your hand has a 1.5 horsepower motor, but the one listed on the website is a 1.0 horsepower. Thinking you must have typed in the wrong number, you re-enter the model number again. Same result.

So, is the 1.0 horsepower the same as a 1.5 horsepower?


Because this is a loaded question, we first must understand the dynamics between the specs on your motor label. (more…)

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