High Elevation Pool Heaters

Do I Need a High Elevation Heater?

Hello my friends who love the thin air of places like, but not limited to, the Rocky Mountains, Arizona or New Mexico; this blog is just for you. If you are a homeowner looking to lengthen your pool season, then a gas heater is just the trick. A well sized unit can add weeks or even months onto the pool season. However, not all heaters are created equal; some have limits to their application. One of those limitations is how high above sea level it can be installed. We will take you through some of the limitations and also help you determine your elevation properly.

An especially elevation-sensitive heater brand is Raypak, but that is due to how finely tuned their heaters are to maximize their burn. Their heaters are optimized to an atmospheric air/fuel mixture that is optimal from 0 – 2000 feet. A standard Raypak heater installed above that range will not light or will clunk out because of lack of air. Humans may get a little light headed from lack of oxygen, but heaters can create carbon monoxide that can kill. (more…)

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