Is your above ground pool ready for severe weather

Above Ground Pools in Severe Weather

With this technologically advanced society we all now live in, it has become easier to predict severe weather. We’ve got local news stations with severe weather centers that have super-duper Doppler 9000s that tell us all when it’s going to rain and how bad that will be. We’ve got national news channels that give us weather updates no matter what politics or current events we are watching.

Then there are the advisories and warnings for certain bad weather and storms with colored status and projected charts that somehow point to everywhere. Here in the southeast United States, everyone from Mississippi to Virginia buys water and batteries only to watch the projected storm turn north and never make landfall. It’s no wonder to me then that every year I get more and more inquiries from new and potential above ground pool owners on the topic of severe weather. (more…)

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How to prep your pool for Storms

Prepping Your Swimming Pool for Storms

Living in Florida you become quite accustomed to flash showers, lightning, and hurricanes. Sometimes, storms may brew instantaneously and dissolve within a thirty minute span. Typical Florida weather for ya. There is very little you can do in those types of situations. Some storms though, like hurricanes, you can prepare for. And although you cannot predict how severe the weather will get, pool owners must be ready at all times to help protect their swimming pool from damages caused by storms, floods, and fires.


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