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Video: Poolside Chat Episode #18: Should I Replace My Motor Bearings?

This is Poolside Chat where every week we answer your questions on how to fix and maintain your swimming pool. Poolside Chat is presented by, helping pool owners find the right parts since 2001. In today’s episode of Poolside Chat, Rob and Matt tackle another common swimming pool question:
  • Can I/Should I, replace my pump motor bearings? or should I just replace the whole pool pump motor?

Now here’s your hosts – Matt and Rob.

Poolside Chat Episode #18 Video

Watch the video it’s easier than reading ;)

Should I replace my pool pump motor bearings on the motor or should I replace the entire motor?”

– Kane

Well, Kane, that’s really up to you. Because replacing the bearings isn’t the easiest thing to do. If you’re a handyman or a mechanic, it might be something simple. But if you’re an average Joe, may be above your skill level. So my suggestion would be to replace the motor and if you have some free time maybe buy the bearings and work on your old motor, but at least you’ll have the new motor to put in there and get working right away.

First off, you have to have the right tools, because as I remember when we shot that “How to replace your Pump Motor Bearings: Part One, Two” guide, we had techs work on it.  And we had to make sure we had all the right tools like the bearing puller. The whole process took a couple of hours, it wasn’t fun.

The kicker is, we replaced the bearings on a new motor. If that motor had been five years old, then it would have been even harder to change out those bearings because of corrosion and parts becoming brittle due to age. I can’t imagine if I was just a regular pool owner and thinking “Yes, I’m just going to knock it out in an afternoon.” It would not be feasible

Also, when it comes to motors, I would say anything over five years, just buy a new motor. Because when it comes to replacing the bearings it’s a Band-Aid, and not a true long-term fix. If you replace bearings on an old motor, you may be in the same position in a year from now.

So unless you want to keep spending 80 bucks to keep replacing bearings, I would just replace the whole motor. Also, when you get a whole motor, you’re going to get a whole new warranty. You get a one year warranty, so you don’t have to worry about that at least.

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2 thoughts on “Video: Poolside Chat Episode #18: Should I Replace My Motor Bearings?

  1. Bearings are about $6.00 × 2 u will have a bearing puller after you initially buy it.
    Cost wise it’s a no Brainer and it’s not hard to do.
    Good luck.

    1. Yes, you will have a bearing puller once you buy it; but how often is an average pool owner going to use a bearing puller? Going along the same lines of what we mention in the video, if you are replacing bearings on a motor once a year or more then there is something deeper that is wrong with it than just bearings. You should explore why your bearings are going bad, try a motor cover, change the shaft seal or some other means.

      It may be a cinch for someone more advanced, such as yourself John; but most users rather fix the issue once and for all with a motor replacement if they are going to be paying labor costs either way.

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