This question is a little different than what I've seen on the forum so far. My orginal 2 speed pump had to be replaced for bearing noise. The replacement motor ordered was the 1-1/5 HP Maxrate 2-speed Tristar 208/230v.

The original motor worked as designed and normally started in high mode and was programmed to switch into low speed after three minutes. The new motor now only starts if I click down to low speed (get a three minute delay) and then it will crank in low speed and I can immediately switch to high speed right after that with no difficulties and run as long as I want to. The motor runs great and I get a good prime, etc.

I have checked the wiring and have a 220V dedicated circuit to the pump with red, white, black and green wires (none of that changed between motors). I have the red on LO and the black on HI (L1) with the white on L2 (COM) and the green on ground.  I wired directly to the pig tails that came with the motor and used wire nuts.

Just trying to troubleshoot, I replaced both the run capacitor and the start capacitor, made sure that the metal tab on the rear of the shaft wasn't stuck open and have taken a look at the Hayward panel where the wiring for the switch is. I have checked the 15A and 20A fuses on the main control board behind the user interface. Everything is checking out fine, so I am at a loss as to why I cannot start the motor on high speed. This is a useful feature that we would like to keep.

When I try to start the motor on high speed, it just hums for 3-5 seconds and cuts off. If I leave it on high, (pre-start) it will just hum and cut-off after 3-5 seconds and cycle through that same procedure every few minutes. The pump will never start on high. If I go to the user interface and select filter low speed, it will go through it's regular 3 minute start delay and then kick on in low speed. I can then immediately select high speed and the motor will run in high speed with no problems.

I am hoping that someone has some suggestions! Thanks in advance.