A.O. Smith motor B2844 pitting

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Eric7902 posted this 4 days ago

On 11/18/2019 I ordered a new motor (order no. 1022507) from Inyopools. Now 1.5 years later the housing of the motor show severe pitting on 2 locations - see picture. Note that this motor is used for a water feature and only comes on about 30 minutes per day. Please advise the cause and possibly remedy and if this could be covered by warranty.

Thank you

Service posted this 3 days ago


I would suggest reaching out directly to Century with these photos as this is outside of the 1-year manufacturer's warranty however they may be able to do something for you or explain why the pitting is occurring. Normally we don't see that on a motor after 1.5 years. Century can be reached by a few different methods which can be found through this link here https://www.regalbeloit.com/Brands/Century/Contact

Thank You