Hi:  Since June, I've noticed when my motor is off, the Pool filter pump water level drops.  When I turn it on, it takes about 30 secs for the pump filter to fill up.  While the pump is running, there are air bubbles in the filter pump I can see.  Prior to June, the filter pump water would be full, and no signs of air.  I replaced the rubber gasket on the filter pump lid, replaced the rubber gasket on filters.  There is no sign of water lead anywhere around the equipment.  Last month, I bought a new motor from inyopools because the one I had stopped working.  I'm not sure the low water level in the pool filter when turning it on was the cause the motor to go bad. I replaced the motor using the video instructions from your website.  The motor is much quiter and working like a charm, however, I still have air bubbles in the Pool Filter.  Any ideas why this is occurring?