American Multiport Valve 2"

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maudieinto posted this 13 December 2017

i am looking for a diagram of the layout of the ports on an American Multiport Valve (slip, 2").  I know what the settings do that are selected by the handle.  What I need to know is how the ports are mapped to those settings.  The only number on the valve is 987109.

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InyoRob posted this 13 December 2017

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to cross reference part number 987109. What is the make and model of the filter tank? That would help us figure out the valve.

maudieinto posted this 13 December 2017

The valve was installed separately a couple of years before the tank.  I have attached a photo.

InyoRob posted this 13 December 2017

It looks similar to model 261185 (pictured below). The top port is the intake and the lower port is the return. The port on the opposite side, not shown, is the backwash/waste line.

If that wasn't the info you needed, let me know.

Pentair Valve, 2" Top Mt. Clamp Style Wg (261185)

maudieinto posted this 16 December 2017

My Multiport has 6 ports on the sides and bottom.  I'm trying to map what on top on the dial to the ports.  I've included two photos.

InyoRob posted this 19 December 2017

The 6 valve settings on top do not directly correlate to the 6 ports on the valve. Check out the image below. I've labeled all the plumbing lines. The two ports that are plugged are options for the filter intake. Those are capped because your filter intake is plumbed into the bottom of the valve.

Check out our guide titled "How a Multiport Valve Operates". This will explain each of the settings on top of the valve.

Backwash Valve Port Arrangement


maudieinto posted this 19 December 2017

 Thanks for the help.  Your diagram makes things clear.  I was trying to figure out how the plugged ports relate to the dial settings.

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InyoRob posted this 19 December 2017

Great! This is a common issue and confuses a lot of pool owners. We're going to make a video soon that will hopefully help customers in the future.

InyoRob posted this 27 February 2018

Hello Maudieinto - We're in the process of making our video about your valve setup. We have one question. Do you have two pipes going into the bottom of your valve or one? Is there a chance you could get a picture of the underside of your valve?

maudieinto posted this 06 March 2018

Here are a couple of views.


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InyoRob posted this 06 March 2018

Perfect! Thanks for the additional photos. We just completed our video regarding the multiport valve. Hopefully, it will help pool owners this summer,

Hambye posted this 05 August 2019

Hi !

I am located in France with this similar old model and I can't find anywhere a replacement model of the "star seal" with 4 branches. Does anyone can help me ?

It seems that I have no other choice than buying the Pentair 271148 2-Inch Diverter Gasket, isn't it ? Then cutting one branch to adapt to it ?

Thank you very much for your help. Here in France is nobody able to help.

maudieinto posted this 05 August 2019

I spent a lot of time trying to find a part number for the AP 2" Multiport.  I contacted Pentair (who now owns the rights to American Products products) and they could not find a datasheet or part number for the 2" model. I thought if I had a part number for the valve, I could get a part number for the spider gasket.  No luck.  At this point, I think the only option is to precisely measure the gasket you have and search the web for a generic spider web gasket that matches.

Hambye posted this 23 August 2019

Thank you for your answer maudiinto, I did not get it by mail and was thinking taht nobody had answered.

I could fix the old damaged spider, that was more or less OK.

But for a few days, I have had a leak somewhere and could know today in which place: there is a rift inside the gasket that let water going out through the plastic. I think that I can't repare it. I must change the valve.

The model shoud be the Pentair E26-1081, sold in france in this website. But I am not sure of that. 

Here are enclosed photos of my valve, and the link to buy a new one. Thank you.

Hambye posted this 23 August 2019

... I forgot to present the link for that model that could replace my old damaged model.