Aqua-Rite Chlorine Generator no Power LED and no audible relay click

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mcfalljames posted this 06 June 2021

When testing chemical levels today I notice there's almost zero chlorine being detected. On the control panel the LCD is active but no LEDs are lit (none, not even the Power light).

I checked all voltages as per this guide ( and find everything within spec except the voltage across pins 1 & 3 which is slightly low at 2.9vdc (spec is 3-5 vdc). Also, at ~20vdc the rectifier voltage is at the lower end of the range (spec is 18-33vdc).

Operational behavior is as follows:

-Turn on pump and red No Flow LED flashes during startup (normal operation), HOWEVER green Power LED remains dark.

- After startup, red No FLow turns off and green Generating LED turns on, HOWEVER, there is no audible click from the relay indicating anything happened. Also, cell voltage and cell amps remain at 0 according to the LCD display.

- Several seconds later the green Generating LED turns off and then all LEDs are dark.

At no time during any of the above steps does the green Power LED turn on.

Software version 1.40 with T-15.

Any help on further troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated.


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Service posted this 10 June 2021


When you inspect the rectifier do either of the legs coming off of it look broken or do you see any scorch marks on your PCB? If you could post a few photos of your PCB that would be great.

Thank You


mcfalljames posted this 10 June 2021

Hi Patrick,

Thank you for the response. The rectifiers look good to me, and the wires feel firmly attached. The PCB looked normal until I was reviewing the pics I took at your request. If you look in the top right corner in the area marked 'E9', there's a dark area around the right leg of the large black capacitor(?).

Service posted this 11 June 2021


I'm sorry I was calling the rectifier and thermister by the wrong names. My last comment should have been referring to the thermister which is the large black round item in the upper right corner and yes that scorch mark near one of the legs of the thermister is a tell tale sign that the main PCB needs to be replaced. You will need this AquaRite Replacement Main PCB thanks so much for the photos!

Thank You


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