AquaRite Omni PCB Kit

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CraigY posted this 2 weeks ago

Looking to link in my older Aqua-Logic PS4 (new control board installed this year - so should be latest revision), into the home automation system and/or control remotely.  Reading, it appears that the AquaRite Omni PCB Kit will link to the PS4 and allow the connection.  Is this correct?  Anything else I may need?

On our pool, the PS4 controls pump (single stage), heater, pool slide valve, pool lights, salt system.

Thank  you.


InyoRob posted this 2 weeks ago

The AquaLogic PS4 will only interface with AquaConnect # AQ-CO-HOMENET if the AquaLogic has been upgraded using a ProLogic main board # GLX-PCB-PRO.  In addition, to interface AquaConnect with home automation systems it will require with AquaConnect Serial Interface # AQ-CO-SERIAL. With the unit upgraded appropriately and these interfaces, a control is then compatible with home automation platforms manufactured by Crestron, AMX, Savant, and Vantage.