Century #B2973T Fault 7 code

  • Last Post 07 March 2018
Capo888 posted this 07 March 2018

I have a 9 month old Century #B2973T that has been working fine since I installed.  Lately I am getting Fault #7

Per manual:

OVERCURRENT Fault     07 Remove power and rotate shaft Wait for maximum 1hr. and take necessary action. It is due to the locking of shaft.

I took the motor off the housing and it spins just fine.  If I turn of the power and then back on it will start up and run all day.  One time it did take two on/off trys to get it going and the first time it did sound like it could be a capacitor.  I got that humming sound.

Want to inquire if I should file a warranty claim considering it is under a year.


InyoRob posted this 07 March 2018

Hello Capo888 - This is likely a failure of the main board. I would file a warranty claim. If you bought it from us, contact our customer support at 407-834-2200. You can also submit a support request from our website.