Chlorine generator

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Lyric80 posted this 21 June 2016

Hi, I have a pentair IC40 chlorine generator that keeps telling me to check cell. I've cleaned it at least 3 times with muratic acid and it looks clean. Never fizzed or anything while cleaning it like I see in online videos. It says 60% of its life is over. Is there anything I can do to get it working again. It worked fine after opening the pool this year. I added too much salt on accident and got the levels back down to normal but now the check cell light flashes. First the too much salt button flashed but doesn't after correcting the salt levels. Any help on this would be very appreciated. Thanks.

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Service posted this 22 June 2016

Hi Lyric80,

Could you let us know how old is the cell and how many pool seasons it has been in use?

Thank You


Thank You


DaveLentine posted this 18 May 2022

I purchased a 40,000 gallon generator model PL7700 and installed it in 2016 the cell went bad about 2 years ago and i talked with the tec's at Inyo and they told me to order the Crystal Pure 3.0 Replacement Cell #PL7710. I installed it in the end of summer 2019 and i could never get the pool water to maintain proper cloranation level so i went back to Chlorine. I recently seen a video that said there is a way to set the cartridge up correctly and also check to make sure it is working. I could really use your help i want the pool back to salt system i hate the chlorine.

Crystal Pure 3.0 Replacement Cell 40,000 Gallon PL7710


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