Cracked pool light housing

  • Last Post 24 October 2018
Dmcnally posted this 23 October 2018


Recently my pool has been losing a ton of water. I had leak repair folks come out and they pulled the light apart and apparently there is a crack in the housing(not sure if that is the right term). He filled it with apoxi and said he hopes that it will hold.

Days later it began leaking again. I went to a local pool store that does repairs and asked for a quote to fix it. They said that they couldnt and I would need a pool builder to do it and it could run 2000-2500 dollars.

Does this sound right? Can I drain the pool to the bottom of the light, pull the light and use a cement to seal the crack?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

I do have a video that the leak locator made while trying to repair it if that could help get an idea of my problem.


InyoRob posted this 24 October 2018

Hello Dan - The crack must have been in your light niche. Replacing the niche is a big job in a concrete pool. The price doesn't seem crazy for a job like that.

However, I would recommend trying to patch the niche again before you replace it. You don't have to drain the water if you use an underwater 2-part epoxy. If you don't use an underwater epoxy, you would need to drain the water below the light niche.