DIY Pentair TR100 filter Replacement

  • Last Post 28 January 2019
KevinT posted this 26 January 2019

Hey there, everyone! 

I am in need of a new sand filter as mine is bleeding out the sides of the wall of the tank and I don't want catastrophic failure. 

I priced out a new filter. A local shop has "rebuilt" filters which they warranty for one year. They quoted me $800 installed for the rebuilt, or $1300 for a new unit. I called around and a local supply place has a brand new Pentair T100 for $730 plus sand. I am pretty handy and am considering tackling it myself with the new unit but don't want to damage any systems or mess up my new tank, blow hundreds of pounds of sand into the pool, burn out the motor, or generally cause any additional mayhem with an already expensive situation.

 To summarize, I am considering: 1-Buy a brand new unit at $730 and installing it myself 

                                                      2- Have a local shop install a "rebuilt" unit for $800 with the install

I am pretty handy and am strongly considering removing the old unit and installing a brand new one myself. I have taken apart the motor and replaced motor parts without any issues if that sheds any light on my level of mechanial competence. It is my understanding that one must take great care to not damage the laterals, and to load the sand to the proper level. My push/pull valve seems to be in good shape so I think I can avoid replacing that. Am I in over my head if I install it myself? Is it likely I will  damage my fancy new tank or motor if I do it myself? It just seems like $730 plus sand is a way better route than a rebuilt unit for around the same money when there's no telling how much life I will get out of a rebuilt filter tank. 

I found this video detailing a sand filter install and they address how to not damage laterals, and the video overall seems pretty good. Any thoughts or suggestions on other guide DIY guides for this job? I Found the Inyo lateral replacement guide Here and the sand filter install guide Here and it seems relatively simple.

Thanks so much, any advice is much appreciated! 

InyoRob posted this 28 January 2019

 We would recommend purchasing a new Pentair TR100 filter and installing it yourself. If you can rebuild a pool pump, installing a sand filter should be easy. Check out our guide titled "How to Install a Sand Filter".