Hi all!

So, I've been reading avidly, as I just bought a home with a pool.  The pool has a Hayward Aquarite Salt generator, and we've been having a hard time maintaining Chlorine levels.

I started looking at it, and realized that the power and generating LEDs aren't lit up, but the No Flow LED lights up when my pump is off, and I have LCD display data.

So, I followed the steps in the how-to and the Diag manual:




What I'm finding is that I have the correct input power (240v), the yellow cables show correct voltage, the red/black cables show the right DC voltage, the transformer has the right impedence, and the fuse is good.  

What's odd is that when I test the DSP board pins, I don't have any voltage at all between pin 1 and 3, but the board still has power, since the LCD display and diagnostics button work.

Also odd, is that the instant salt display value is 0.00.  I was thinking that this might prevent it from generating (assuming there's no salt in the water for it to process), but then I read that the instant reading requires it to generate before it will read a new value.

Incidentally, I've inspected the salt cell, and it looks brand new.  No buildup of any kind.

The conclusion I'm drawing is that I need a new PCB, and that the instant salt reading will correct after that.


Is that a sound conclusion?

Thanks in advance!!