Filtration/ circulation of my pool and pump

  • Last Post 07 November 2018
Julianbar posted this 07 November 2018

Hello. I am stumped with my pool . The pool primes up and the pump basket fills with water. You can see that water is in there , but it’s not moving like it usually does . I was told if you take of the lid and quickly turn the pool on you will see the water get sucked down and then Immediately turn it off. Well my water shoots up instead of sucking down . 

Does this lead more to an impeller issue or maybe a clog ? It seems like the water may be moving the wrong way ? Again there is no circulation in the pool . 

InyoRob posted this 07 November 2018

Hello Julianbar - It is possible that your impeller is clogged or damaged. You can split the pump in half and visually inspect the impeller. There is usually a clamp or bolts that secure the front half of the pump to the back half. 

Other problems could be a suction side air leak, a clog in the line, or a dirty filter.