Hello ,my girlfriend bought a house w/an inground pool that was not serviced for 5-6yrs, plenty of algea, she wants me to remove the water completly because she would not get in it no matter what , I took care of a inground pool years ago and slowly coming back what i know , but it's not fast enough.

It's a sylan inground pool w/ the two holes in the skimmer , D.E filter system ( am not to familiar w/it -- but learn thru videos ) ,don't know if there is a main drain (cant see to the bottom ), scooped out multiple pounds of crap from the bottom , the water level was never dropped the entire time the pool was not serviced, so the decorative tiles on the top of the pool are coming off .

Want to clean or as your video showed "SLAM" to get it cleaned 


Thanks, hope to hear back soon ,Jorge.