Hayward Booster Pump Motor Bearings

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BrianHick posted this 3 weeks ago

I have a Hyaward 3/4 HP booster pump and motor.  The pump Model Number is HSP30060.  The Motor Model Number is SP11A105CCb1.  But at the bottom of the tag, there is also this number SP270Z1CH1.


I am trying to locate replacement bearings for the motor.  Can you let me know what the correct bearings are for this application?  If not, what is the correct replacement motor?





InyoRich posted this 3 weeks ago

Hi Brian, could the model number be W36060 or HAYW36060?  If that is correct then this Max-Flo II/Booster Pump Motor- 3/4 HP Full Rate/1 HP Up-Rate - SPX2707Z1M will be a perfect replacement motor.   If that is not correct, please attach a few pictures of the pump and any labels on it so we can identify it.

I'm sorry to say that we do not have a good listing for replacement bearings for the Hayward motors.

We don't have a Tune-Up Kit for that pump, so be sure to order a new Pump Shaft Seal 5/8" - - SPX2700SA and a new Hayward Booster Pump Volute O-Ring - AX6060S for a leak-free installation.  The other parts for that pump are located here