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barbaro08 posted this 11 June 2019

I have replaced everything in the Hayward Navigator all parts are new except for the cone gear it's sticks to the wall does not want to turn away I've even replace the hose that connects to the cone gear as well with a new Hayward hose I have no idea what's going on and I just need to fix it I've almost spent as much fixing it as I could have bought a new one for just drive me nuts should I buy a new cone gear or just give up and buy something else thank you for your time

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InyoRob posted this 13 June 2019

It's possible that some small debris has got stuck in the gear box. Take the gear box out and blow into the hole in the corner. You should hear the gears spinning. If they do not spin, take the individual gears out and wash them off.

barbaro08 posted this 14 June 2019

The gears spin freely and new gearbox as well

Thank you for the input 

InyoRob posted this 14 June 2019

Do the small gears in the gear box spin freely or are you referring to the cone gear spinning at the top?

barbaro08 posted this 14 June 2019

Gears in box spinning freely

Cone gear turns only back and forth once then seems to lock up

New bushing on cone gear also

I can't see any wear on gear like teeth worn down

Thank you

InyoRob posted this 14 June 2019

You mentioned the fact that you have replaced everything. Did that include a Medium Turbine / Spindle Gear Kit? Usually, one of those gears would fail before the cone gear. If you've replaced those parts, the only other part we'd recommend replacing is the cone gear.

Hayward Medium Turbine / Spindle Gear Kit (axv079vp)

barbaro08 posted this 14 June 2019

Yes That was replace also 

Only thing left is the cone gear to be replaced

barbaro08 posted this 14 June 2019

Ok Thanks 

I will give that a try


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