Hayward pump basket O ring

  • Last Post 14 November 2018
Shamim posted this 11 November 2018

Was out of town and prior to leaving pool was primed and lump running well but had some bubbles in basket and return jets.  22 hours later, I returned to see pump lost prime, Pump basket O ring had slipped out slightly while the lid still locked in place, and steam coming out of the pump basket.  Water level low, and water boiling inside. I turned off pump quickly and added cold water to cool it. Replaced o ring but also replaced New pump basket lid.  Primed quickly bit I still have some bubbles, I'm guessing the heat warped the suction pipe. 

question: what would cause the o ring to come out of housing and stretch out and cause loss of prime?? I have to replace the pipes but my concern is how to prevent this in future.

InyoRob posted this 14 November 2018

Hello Shamin - The pump lid o-ring can expand over time and allow air to enter. I'm not sure how it ended up outside the lid but I've seen it happen before. As soon as you start to see air, the air leak should be addressed so that you don't run into this problem again.