Good Day,

My Pump Houseing & Strainer is similar to a Hayward SPX3020AA.  Ever since I've had the pool I keep running into an issue with the output where the water leaves the housing and connects to the PVC pipe.  It will periodically leak after months of my fixing.  I initially tried wrapping the PVC pipe threads a fair amount (I think 4 times around at the most) with plumbing teflon tape but no matter what it slowly beads-up with water.  After numerous tries without success with the teflon tape, I tried some type of plumbing paste on the pvc threads.  This seemed to do the trick as it would last over 9 months until I had to repeat this process and after about 2 years I find myself once again having the slow beading of water leak.  I'm almost resolved that I'd like to permanently glue the PVC to the output port of the Housing & Straner but know this is quite the risk if I still end-up with a leak and would most likely have to replace the entire Housing & Strainer with a much larger plumbing repair on my hands if that occurs.  So if you have any suggestions I'd appreciate.  If I need to get some gasket that goes between the PVC and Housing?  If you could suggest an alternative to the glue or even a glue that would even work as I know the PVC pipe is in-fact PVC but the Housing is not.  

Thank you,