hayward pump motor stopped working

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doughullo posted this 3 days ago

My pool is full of water and I'm not sure how to get the pump motor off with water in the filter and water in the pool. Can I plug all the hoses and empty the filter? I could use some ideas about how to do this. thanks!

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InyoRob posted this 2 days ago

We'd be glad to assist you. Do you have an above ground pool or an inground pool? What is the make and model of the pump?

doughullo posted this 2 days ago

The motor is a Hayward SP1580X15 and we have an above ground pool. I may just wait till we close the pool since the weather here in Jersey is starting to get cooler. Once the pool water is lowered I'll be able to pull the motor.

Thank you...Doug Hull

InyoRob posted this 2 days ago

On an above ground pool, you'd have to plug the inlet and skimmer. Some pools have valves that can be closed as well. 

As you said, you could also wait until you winterize the pool and lower the water level.

doughullo posted this 2 days ago

Thank you.

doughullo posted this 2 days ago

If the motor needs replaced where would be a good place to look for one?

InyoRob posted this 2 days ago

We carry the replacement motor. The part number is BN35V1. Click Here to View the Replacement Motor

We recommend replacing the shaft seal when you replace the motor. The shaft seal is part number 5111-03.

doughullo posted this 2 days ago


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InyoRob posted this 2 days ago

You're welcome. Have a great day.

doughullo posted this yesterday

A couple more questions...Can I connect the three foot power cord to this motor? ...Will the connecting bolts line up with housing for the impellor and how will the motor attach to the housing...since the motor that i'm taking off had the trrough bolts wich are very thin...will I have to find different mounting bolts???

Sorry for so many questions...but I am getting close to ordering from you as you hve been very helpful...!

doughullo posted this yesterday

Also which go kit should I use for  BN35V1.

InyoRob posted this 22 hours ago

1) Yes, you can connect the existing power cord to this motor.

2) The connecting bolts will match up with the pump housing.

3) The new motor will come with new thru-bolts.

4) the tune-up kit for the pump is part number GOKIT12.