Hi Limit 2 on Raypak 406A

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pgershon posted this 3 weeks ago

I get this error daily, usually right before the temperature of spa water reaches the high setting (104-107, adjusting does not change result).  The unit recently received a new main board and a new gas valve.  Also changed the temperature sensor and needed to seal 006714F with epoxy to stop leak (I now have a replacment but have not installed).  And pool service company replaced the piping at the header which had been leaking - I assume they lubricated O ring.

Water pressure is very strong so I doubt its a flow problem.  I plan to swap out the 006714F first, since I have it.  But I suspect the issue is with either the bypass or the unitherm governor or the hi limit switch itself.  What part nu,bers should I be looking at for the bypass, the unitherm governor, and the hi limit switch?  It seems like there are multiple versions for Raypak.  This heater was bought ten years ago (2011).  Regular copper 400 btu model.  Thanks

Service posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi pgershon,

Thanks for the detailed information! When you open the cover to the controller on your heater there should be a label with model # and serial # could (see example below). Could you please post that information back to this post, you can do this by posting a photo or just replying with the information. Once we get this information we can make the proper suggestion.

Thank You