How to add JVA to Jandy PCB

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SugaSt posted this 23 July 2019

I currently have the RS-PS4 Pool & Spa Rev T.2 CPU/software on my power control board (PCB).  This system supports pump, heater, and three auxiliaries.  My pump is a Jandy 2 speed pump.  I have a blower for the spa and lights for the pool.  The system was installed with two JVAs for the intake and return for the spa.  The other two JVAs are unused (solar & cleaner).  The low speed, lights, and blower are mapped to the three auxiliaries.  Everything works fine.


I also have a water feature (deck jets) that are turned on and off manually using a Jandy valve.  I want to automate the water feature as well as opposed to going to the side of the house each time to operate.  I bought the Jandy valve actuator.  I connected to the PCB using the solar JVA.  The actuator receives power and will operate if I flick the switch on the bottom of the actuator.  The problem is I haven’t figured out a way to operate via the app.  When i go into setting to assign the JVA, it only give me the option to assign to the blower or light auxiliary. The ax act same thing happens if I use the cleaner JVA slot on the board as opposed to the solar.  Obviously, I don’t want to turn on the blower or lighters each time I use the water feature.


Do I have any other options than upgrading the CPU to a RS6 or RS8 so I can have an extra auxiliary to assign the actuator to?  Is there a way to automate the JVA without assigning to an auxiliary?  Thanks in advance for your help!

EricSante posted this 1 weeks ago

How did you go about solving this issue?