Incorrect salt level reading

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WimCuracao posted this 1 weeks ago

Dear sirs,

I have an aquarite goldline salt chlorine generator with a T-15 cell. Actually I have 2 T-15 cells that I exchange every week when cleaning the cell.

About a month ago the saltlevel was too low. I added 3 bags of 40Lbs and it went up again but after a few days it went down again. I've addad an additional 6 lbs bags of poolsalt. The reading went up to 4000 but is now down to 1500 again. I've tried recalibration. I did not drain or backwash the pool and both T-cells give the same reading. What can be wrong? After adding 9 bags of salt I do not want to add more...

We did not have any rain. It has been 30 degrees celcius without rain during the entire period.

Kind regards,



InyoRob posted this 5 days ago

Usually, that's a sign that the cells are beginning to fail. How old are the salt cells?