I have a later model suction-side KK, inground pool. The primary under-concrete plumbing is all 1.5" and the pump is 1 hp. It's a standard through-skimmer setup; KK mount eliminated the skimmer basket and I have *many* trees nearby (city-owned, so I can't even trim them) I have to pull the pump strainer every day as it's the only basket in the system (I know a leaf trap is one solution, but cleaning that is almost as pain-in-the-butt as pulling the pump cover--every morning).

I'd like to consider a separate suction line to power the KK, allowing me to go back to a proper skimmer basket. I also have a "spare" 1.5 hp Hayward pump if needed. I learned just this weekend that an abandoned pool cleaner pressure line exists and is airtight--and leads to mid-pool, rather than at the end like the skimmer. Problem is, it's only 1" and mostly under concrete. Pipe lengths are ~25' and not convoluted. Pump outflow is only about 16" above the pool's surface.

Will I have any luck in attaching the KK at this line and "T-ing" it in near the pump's intake to power it, letting me put the skimmer and basket back to standard? I'm not completely confident I can deliver the requisite 25 gpm through this 1" line, even with the larger pump (the 1.5 hp pump has 2" outflow, necked down to 1.5 for my pool. I think this is fortunate as it may allow me to run the KK and skimmer together with less liklihood of starving either one.

But more to the point, can *any* KK be run on a 1" line--meaning all entrained leaves will need to pass through that 1" line? Thanks for any guidance