Leaking pool

  • Last Post 01 February 2019
larryrolandhoy posted this 31 January 2019

I have a 16 thousand gallon inground fiberglass Viking pool that has a leak. I have let the water level leak down belot the light an almost to the emergency water return that is supposedly used to protect the filter motor from burning up if the pool gets too low on water. I have let it drain down to the outlet and wonder if it can be repaired or just close/sealed off. I will need to completely drain it to fix the leak.

Thank you

Larry Hoy 530.263.2121


InyoRob posted this 01 February 2019

Hello Larry - If you've located the leak, you can use an underwater 2-part epoxy to repair it. If it's further back in the line, you may want to cap that particular outlet and turn of the flow to that line. Another option would be to hire a leak detection company.