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TomKeersmaekers posted this 31 July 2019


I have an above ground pool by voguepools, about 15 years old, the model is probably Zenith according to the pictures I found (the top caps are these ones but are grey: It is oval with side supports. The outside dimensions including borders are about 15' x 26' (the pool itself is a little smaller, seems a little over 14' x 25'). The central part is a liitle less wide.The height is 52".

I need to replace the (j-hook) liner. Are your 15'x26'x52" unibead liners suitable for this one?

Thanks in advance,

Tom Keersmaekers

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TomKeersmaekers posted this 13 August 2019

OK, I found out the model of the pool (thanks to your page which I didn't see before): it defintively is a voguepools model zenith.

I removed the old liner so that I could measure accurately.

The pool itself is exactly 15' x 24'. Height is 52".

Will a 15'x24'x52" liner fit (or is it better to buy a liner which is a little bigger, e.g. 15'x25'x52")?

Can you please confirm this since I want to replace the liner as quick as possible?

Thanks in advance,

Tom Keersmaekers

InyoRob posted this 14 August 2019

Yes, you'd want to order a 15'x24'x52" liner. A larger size liner would cause wrinkles in the pool floor.