Low flow after replacing pool pump

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Amwilson10478 posted this 1 weeks ago

Before I replace the new VS motor, I wanted to ask you good folks a couple questions.  My issue is that I have low water flow since replacing my existing 1.5HP single speed pump with a new VS 1.5HP pump along with a pool heater.  

My old motor produced enough flow to get my pool cleaner to scoot across the pool very quickly.  This new motor, even at 3450 RPM, cannot produce more than 28 GPM.  I think the motor is not pumping correctly.  I think this becuase the FLA rating for the new pump is 5.4 amps but at max load it only pulls 3.5 amps.  At 3000 RPM, the pool heater reports in sufficent flow to allow heating.  The motor's name plate says the max is 80 GPM at 3450.  

All my pipes are buried like all in ground pools here in Florida.  I can't get more flow even with all the returns wide open and supplys wide open.  My pool filter had a DE breakdown 4 months ago and the old motor worked fine but I out-thought myself and replaced it with a cheaper VS pump (the heater is great, but I'm kicking myself over the pump choice).  My pump is recieving 246 volts with 3.4/3.5 amps on each leg.  The DE filter is at 15 PSI which was normal with the old pump.  The pump basket occasionally won't fill up to the top either.

Does anyone have ideas or suggestions before I replace the VS pump with another single speed pump?

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Amwilson10478 posted this 1 weeks ago

I have higher quality pictures I can add of these, but I didn't want to have gigantic pictures making the thread more difficult to read.

I appreciate any feedback or feedback.