Low pool return

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Alexas posted this 5 weeks ago

I have tried everything. Cleaned all baskets. Water level is good. New pump of the same size. New pump filter and sand. Initial  filter pressure is 35 and almost no water return. What could be the problem.

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InyoRob posted this 5 weeks ago

The filter pressure of 35 psi is very high. If you put the filter valve in the recirculate position, does the water flow from the return jets dramatically improve?

Alexas posted this 4 weeks ago

No the flo into the pool is no better when it is on recirculate.

InyoRob posted this 4 weeks ago

Is the valve plumbed correctly? Sometimes people plumb them backwards and have these problems. Make sure the line from the pump is going into the intake/pump port on the valve.


Alexas posted this 3 weeks ago

  • Yes it is plumbed correctly. Part of the reason we replaced the filter was because of the high filter pressure and low return into the pool.  So that was going on before we replaced the filter and is not any better now. How likely is to have a blockage on pressure side of filter. We have checked everything else. No water squirting anywhere. But  the high pressure in the filter is immediate so I don't think it is air.

InyoRob posted this 3 weeks ago

You're not likely to have a blockage after the filter. What is the make and model of the pump and filter? Did you use the correct filter sand? Is the water clear or is it cloudy/green?

Alexas posted this 3 weeks ago

Filter is a hayward  270T properties. Pump is a 1 1/2 pentair., the sand is pool sand from Leslie's pool. The pool is an inground 20×40. This problem started last year and we have Dded a new pump motor and new pool filter In order to correct the problem. The pressure is high from the time i start it 35 psi consistently. 

Alexas posted this 3 weeks ago

Should I try a smaller impeller.

InyoRob posted this 3 weeks ago

Is the water clear? Cloudy or green water can cause a filter to fill up quickly and reach 35 PSI.

A smaller impeller would reduce some of the pressure but it won't improve the flow. There is still some other issue.

Alexas posted this 3 weeks ago

The water is clear and we have the water checked

 The pump and filter is keeping the water filtered but there is not enough flo to pull leaves into the skimmers and keep debri  off the surface and I worry about the psi being so high. I backwash often but the psi is 35 instantly. It does not build to that.

InyoRob posted this 3 weeks ago

Could you post a couple pictures of your equipment pad?