Maytronic M400 Timer

  • Last Post 25 May 2018
MYMSPOOL posted this 07 May 2018

The Maytronics M400 says 'Weekly Timer = Yes'.

Question is, does it shut off after the week (as does the DX3), or does it repeat the week - week after week?

InyoRob posted this 25 May 2018

Sorry for the delayed response. We finally received a response from Maytronics. Below was their answer.

When the power supply is switched on, the 3 LED's will blink for 5 seconds. At this time, by pressing the SELECT button you can choose a pool cleaning schedule for the coming week.

Important: The robot will always begin to work upon set-up.

LED 1 – The robot will automatically work every day for a full cycle – 7 times a week.
LED 2 – The robot will automatically work every other day for a full cycle – 3 times a week.
LED 3 – The robot will automatically work every 3 days – 2 times a week.

If you do not press any of the buttons within the first 5 seconds after the power supply has been switched on, the robot will work for one cycle only.

While the robot is working in weekly timer mode, the LED will blink constantly between cycles.
At the end of the week, the power supply automatically switches off. You must then reschedule the robot for the next week.  I hope this information if helpful.